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 How Can a Business or Inventor Benefit from Patent Agent Services ?

A registered patent agent represents inventors and prosecutes patents in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Within the USPTO, a registered patent agent can provide you the same services as a patent attorney or patent lawyer, but typically at much more affordable costs. A patent agent is not an attorney and does not represent clients in courts, which is usually not necessary in order to obtain a US patent.

What are Some Possible Benefits of Patenting My Invention?

If a US patent is granted for your invention, this establishes your right (within the US) to exclude others from making, using, offering to sell, or selling your invention during the term of the patent. A patent on your invention may provide you valuable intellectual property rights and significant financial returns from marketing, commercial, and licensing opportunities.

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How Do I Patent An Invention – Patent an Idea?

To receive a patent on your invention in the US, you must first file a non-provisional patent application in the USPTO. Your nonprovisional patent application must include, among other things, drawings and detailed descriptions of your invention, and at least one or more patent claims which define the legal scope of your patent.

After filing a patent application in the USPTO, your patent application will be examined.  The USPTO Examiner may grant or reject the claims in your patent application based on a number of factors. If any of your patent claims are rejected, you may then be able to file various Office Action responses in the USPTO to overcome the rejections. If and when your patent application and at least one of your patent claims meet the various patenting requirements, the USPTO will grant you a patent on your invention.

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Provisional Patent Application Prior to a Utility Patent Application

If you require patent pending status as quickly and as inexpensively as possible, you may optionally file a provisional patent application in the USPTO, prior to filing a US nonprovisional utility patent application. The provisional patent application is easier to prepare than a nonprovisional utility patent application, and it may be filed up to one year prior to filing a non-provisional utility patent application.

An inventor may not obtain a US provisional patent on an invention or idea, nor may he/she perform a US provisional patent search, nor may he/she perform a US provisional patent application search.

A provisional application is somewhat simpler and more informal than a non-provisional application. It allows the inventor to obtain a “filing date” for patenting his/her invention. However, to be granted a patent based on the filing date of the provisional application, a non-provisional application must be filed within one year of filing the provisional application.

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Obtaining Patent Pending Status for Your Invention

After your provisional or non-provisional patent application is filed in the USPTO and a filing receipt is provided by the USPTO, you may claim patent pending on your invention.

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