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If you have filed a non-provisional patent application in the USPTO, normally after at least a year’s time the USPTO patent Examiner will issue an Office Action containing possible objections or rejections of the disclosure and/or claims in your patent application.

Before being granted a patent on their invention, it is common for an inventor to need to respond to several different USPTO Office Actions that will be issued periodically over a period of time while a patent application is being examined.

After receiving a USPTO Office Action, you normally must respond with a carefully drafted Office Action response within the time period specified by the USPTO. Usually its best to respond within three months of the Office Action date to avoid extra USPTO fees. You usually must respond within six months of the Office Action date or else your patent application will go abandoned.

USPTO Patent Prosecution

If you have received a USPTO Office Action, please contact us with details of your Office Action matter. In many cases we can offer you a low flat rate fee to assist you with your USPTO Office Actions responses.

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Please Note: Our telephone consultations do not involve a “sales pitch”. We cannot tell you if you can receive a patent on your invention. Patentability of your invention can only be determined by the USPTO after you have filed a non-provisional patent application. Also, we cannot quote you any fixed fees to prepare your patent application until we have first examined your full invention disclosure. Fixed Fees are not available for all inventions.

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