Accupatents Patent Agent Services

Need to Protect an Invention or Protect an Idea?

Patent Agent versus Patent Lawyer or Patent Attorney

A registered patent agent is a legal professional who may conduct patent prosecution and represent inventors in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ). Within the USPTO, a registered patent agent can provide you the same services as a patent attorney or patent lawyer, but usually at more affordable cost.

A patent agent is not an attorney and does not represent inventors in any courts.

Patent attorney costs or patent lawyer costs may be beyond the reach of some inventors and small businesses. Patent agent services are an attractive and more affordable alternative to a patent lawyer or patent law firm for patenting an idea in the USPTO. 

(Note: Patents are one type of IP law – intellectual property law, but not the only type. A patent agent does NOT provide any trademark services, copyright services, or attorney services as might be provided by some IP law firms.)

A Partial List of Our US Patent Prosecution – Patent Services:

  • Provisional patent applications ( these are utility patent applications )
  • NonProvisional patent applications ( these are utility patent applications )
  • USPTO Office Action Responses
  • Patent search services with patentability opinions
  • Design patent applications

We Offer Patent Agent Services for these Invention Types and Others:

  • Electrical Inventions
  • Mechanical Inventions
  • Electronic Inventions
  • Information Technology Inventions
  • Software Inventions
  • Business Method Inventions