Why Use Us

Need to Patent Your Invention or New Idea at Reasonable Cost?

Accupatents is a patent agent firm founded in 2007 with the goal of providing affordable patent protection to independent inventors and small businesses.

An affordable patent attorney or patent lawyer may not be easy to find. A patent agent is an attractive alternative to retaining a patent lawyer or patent law firm to patent an idea in the USPTO.

Within the USPTO, a registered patent agent can provide you the same patent prosecution services as a patent attorney or patent lawyer.

As a small business, Accupatents understands that solo inventors and small businesses must operate within moderate budgets, and standard patent attorney fees may be beyond the reach of some inventors and small businesses.

Accupatents avoids offering inventors any unrealistic expectations about their prospects for being granted a patent on their invention. Accupatents provides our clients with the most impartial information available to us so that clients can make their own informed decisions before proceeding with any patent matters.

How Can You Benefit from Accupatents?

  • We have been preparing patent applications and performing patent prosecution in the USPTO since 2007.
  • Small-Medium Business Experts.
  • We do not utilize costly law offices, costly office staff, and very costly online pay per click ads to conduct our business.
  • We do not outsource our patent services or disclose your invention to any other firms, either in the US or abroad (as some patent law firms may do).
  • We respond promptly to client inquiries whether by telephone, letter or e-mail.
  • Our clients communicate directly with a registered patent agent without communicating through office staff.
  • Accupatents normally files all your USPTO patent prosecution documents electronically using the USPTO electronic filing service.
  • Whenever possible we try to offer you reasonable flat rate fees ( fixed-fees ) for our services. When a flat fee is not available, our normal hourly rate is $200/hr.

Why You Should Avoid Bargain Basement Online Patent Services

USPTO patent applications must be drafted carefully and must contain a full disclosure of how to make and use your invention, along with a carefully drafted claim set that contains the legal scope of the patent.

Certain high volume online patent services are aggressively marketing low cost patent services to inventors. Inventors are not always being informed that these low cost services are preparing high volume, “assembly line” patent applications and Office Action responses by sub-contracting with various patent professionals to prepare these patent documents. These subcontractors usually receive very low fixed fee compensation for their services and they must operate in high volume mode. The very low fees paid to these subcontractors makes it difficult for them to draft high quality documents. 

Accupatents makes serious efforts to keep fees as reasonable as possible without sacrificing quality. We’re not a high volume, low quality patent application factory. We perform all the work within our own firm, including patent searches. We do not outsource our patent applications to low-paid subcontractors like some “discount” patent services do. 

 Our Business Principles

  • We are committed to full honesty and integrity in dealing with our clients. We never misrepresent any facts or mislead you in regard to any issues
  • We seek to provide you the best value we can for your investment in time and money to obtain a patent
  • We emphasize personal service and effective communications with our clients.
  • As a registered patent agent, I am bound by the non-disclosures rules mandated by the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • We look forward to assisting you!

Obtain a Free No-Obligation Telephone Consultation with a Registered Patent Agent

During your free telephone consultation we will review with you issues affecting patentability of inventions, the USPTO patenting process, and some possible options you may want to consider for patenting your invention.

Please Note: Our telephone consultations do not involve a “sales pitch”. We do not attempt to predict if you will receive a patent on your invention as this would be unethical and misleading. Patentability of your invention can only be determined by the USPTO after you have filed a non-provisional patent application. Also, we cannot quote you any fixed fees to prepare your patent application until we have first examined your full invention disclosure. Fixed Fees are available for many, but not all inventions.

To obtain a no charge telephone consultation with a registered patent agent, please contact us using the comment form on the right side of the page.

When using the comment form, please provide your phone number, the best time(s) to call you, and please  include your correct email address.

We will not give out your email address or send you spam.

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