What is the Cost of a Patent?

What is the cost of a Patent?

A patent on your invention can constitute a highly valuable legal instrument. However, obtaining a valid patent on your invention does involve significant costs over a period of several years. The cost of a patent for your invention can vary significantly and is very difficult to accurately predict.

The initial costs to file your patent application typically consist of professional fees for preparing your patent application, graphics fees if you hire a firm to prepare your patent drawings, plus the USPTO filing fees.

Assuming you file a non-provisional patent application at some point, during a patent prosecution period of several years there are additional professional fees and USPTO fees involved. If you are granted a patent on your invention, there are also USPTO fees required for the patent to issue.

Please see our fee page for more information on costs of obtaining a patent.

Fees and Costs

May I File My Patent Application without a Patent Agent or Patent Lawyer?

Yes, you may do so. However writing an effective patent application that protects your invention properly can be a complex, time consuming task and usually requires considerable experience. If you are not familiar with USPTO rules and requirements, it may be difficult and time consuming to draft a proper patent application that will be accepted by the USPTO.

Why You Should Avoid Cheap or Low Cost Patent Applications

All patent applications must be drafted carefully and must contain a full “enabling” disclosure and detailed description of the invention.

We do not cut corners while preparing your provisional or non-provisional patent applications. Our patent applications are as complete as possible. An inventor should avoid the temptation of filing a low cost, poorly prepared patent application. Otherwise the inventor may risk losing the benefit of the patent application filing date.

Our provisional patent applications will normally include one patent claim. The claim is not required by the USPTO, but may be useful if any foreign patent applications are filed.