Design Patent Applications


What is a design patent?

 A design patent protects the ornamental or visible characteristics of of an article of manufacture, but not the functional value of the article or the article itself. For example, a uniquely shaped auto body or computer icon might qualify for a design patent. In contrast to a design patent, a utility patent protects the functional characteristics of an article. An article of manufacture may include both ornamental and functional characteristics.

What is the term of a design patent?

The term of a design patent is fourteen years from the date of grant of the patent.

May a provisional application be filed for a design patent?

Design patents may not claim benefit to a provisional application. Only utility patent applications may claim the benefit of a provisional patent application.

How to patent a design

To patent a design, a design patent application must be drafted and filed in the USPTO, including a description, a single patent claim, and drawings or photographs that provide a complete disclosure of the article’s design. The USPTO will then exam the design patent application and either grant or deny a patent on the design.

Is it necessary to include drawings with a design patent application?

Yes. Clear and complete black line drawings or if necessary, photographs must be included with a design patent application so that a complete disclosure of the article is provided in the patent application.

What characteristics are required in a design in order for the USPTO to grant a design patent?

For a design patent to be granted, the design must contain the necessary characteristics of  ornamentality, novelty, nonobviousness, enablement, and definiteness. In order for a design to be considered novel, an “average observer” must consider the design to be different from any already existing designs.


Does the filing of a design patent application provide the inventor any patenting rights?

Claiming patent pending status does not provide an inventor patenting rights such as the right to exclude others from making, using or selling their invention. However, it will hopefully deter others from copying, building and testing the invention.

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