Work with an Electrical Engineer Patent Agent

A registered patent agent can represent you in the USPTO to obtain patent protection for your valuable inventions. Within the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a registered patent agent can provide the same services as a patent attorney or patent lawyer.

Marc Lowy is a Registered Patent Agent (USPTO #60822) and Electrical Engineer in the New York City – central New Jersey metro area.

Since 2007, Marc has specialized in providing affordable patent agent services to solo inventors, small businesses, and high tech firms.

Marc has also gained extensive experience prosecuting patent applications for large international technology firms while employed in a large US patent law firm. 

Before entering the patent law field, Marc worked in several aerospace, financial, and manufacturing firms as an Electronic Engineer, Software Engineer, and Computer Network and Systems Administrator.

Marc has extensive experience interviewing inventors, drafting USPTO patent applications, drafting USPTO Office Actions and Petitions, and performing prior art searches and providing patentability opinions.

Marc has drafted and prosecuted patent applications for many types of complex inventions, including: digital electronics, semiconductor devices, programmable devices, memory controllers, power supply circuits, system-on-chip devices, FINFET devices, medical devices, signal processing systems, software inventions, mobile device software, market data software, wireless technologies, imaging systems, recycling machines, packaging machines, electronic equipment, and hand tools.

Marc has assisted a number of foreign patent practitioners prosecuting PCT national phase patent applications in Europe, India, Japan, and Taiwan.  

Marc’s clients have included a variety of solo inventors, high tech firms, engineering firms, IP law firms, software developers, manufacturing firms, and large corporations.

Here are a few issued patents and also a patent application that were drafted and prosecuted by Marc:

US8413797B2 – Segmented Slat

US8851265B2 – Reverse Vending Machine

US8924475B2 – Emergency Response Center

US9226726B1 – System for Detection of Cardiac Sounds

US9292522B2 – System for Editing Computer Files

US9320489B1 – Apparatus for Detection of Cardiac Acoustic Signals

US9333046B2 – Surgical Instrument Tip Cleaner

US20170015455A1 – Apparatus and Method for Automated Handle Installation

(References are available upon request.)