Affordable Patent Agent Services

Accupatents is a solo patent agent firm founded in 2007 with the purpose of providing affordable patent protection to independent inventors and small-medium businesses.

A registered patent agent is a legal professional who may conduct patent prosecution and represent inventors in the US. Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ). Within the USPTO, a registered patent agent can provide you the same services as a patent attorney or patent lawyer, but usually at more affordable cost.

Patent attorney fees or patent lawyer fees may be beyond the reach of some inventors and small businesses. Patent agent services are an attractive and more affordable alternative to a patent lawyer or patent law firm for patenting an idea in the USPTO. 

How We Provide You Expert Patent Services at Reasonable Cost:

  • Low Overhead. We are a solo patent agent firm working in our home office.
  • We do not utilize office staff to manage our business.
  • We do not outsource our patent prosecution services to other firms or subcontractors.
  • Our fixed fees and hourly rates are significantly lower than many patent law firms with offices and staff.
  • Whenever possible we work on flat-fees – fixed-fees. We will need to review your invention disclosure before providing any fee quotes.
  • There is no charge for a fee quote.